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When left untreated, sexual health issues can be crippling. They can hinder a man’s ability to enjoy and engage in sex, and they can lead to other issues like depression, lack of relational intimacy, and low self-esteem, among several others. If you are dealing with the effects of Low Testosterone, Erectile Dysfunction, or Premature ejaculation, start seeking treatment today. At Alabama Men’s Clinic, we provide multiple treatment options for minimizing and even eliminating these issues. Our team of medical professionals have more than 50 years of experience helping men reclaim the fun, excitement, and intimacy of sex. Get in touch today and start taking back your sexual health.

Regularly treating: Erectile Dysfunction, Low Testosterone, and Premature Ejaculation

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Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

More than 10 million men in America struggle with ED; and, while many are in the above-40 age bracket, thousands of young men also struggle with this sexual health issue. So, if that’s you, you’re not alone. And, the good news is that, in most cases, ED is very treatable. At Alabama Men’s Clinic, you can receive treatment for this common issue.

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Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT)

Alabama Men’s Clinic has now added Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) to our treatment protocols. We are dedicated to offering a wide range of quality treatment options to our patients with Erectile Dysfunction. With no surgery, pills, or injections required, ESWT is a non-invasive treatment method for ED. Talk to one of our licensed providers to find out if ESWT could be right for you.

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Low Testosterone (Low-T)

A healthy lifestyle for men requires a certain level of testosterone – for sleep, muscle growth, energy, and sexual health. If you’re experiencing low sex drive, it’s time to make a change. About 25 percent of men over the age of 30 have Low-T, so don’t be surprised if you do. Connect with us at Alabama Men’s Clinic and let us help find the right treatment for you.

Let’s set the record straight on treating Low Testosterone…

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Premature Ejaculation (PE)

Dealing with Premature Ejaculation can be taxing for a man and his partner. Sometimes it leads men to avoid intimacy altogether for fear of PE occurring. Thankfully, there are methods and treatments to help men tackle this challenging sexual issue. Contact us and setup a private consultation, so we can help you identify treatment options. We want to help you get back the sex life you deserve.

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What to expect at Alabama Men’s Clinic…

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Our providers are licensed medical professionals with more than 50 years of experience specializing in men’s sexual health.

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We know the sensitivity surrounding men’s sexual health, which is why we provide discreet, confidential services.

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Our space and services are tailored to fit men; that means keeping you comfortable throughout your visit to our clinic.

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We see success because we provide treatments that help a lot of men take back control of their sex lives.

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